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About Us

Creating Meaningful Impact

Revive NPO is a Section 18A Public Benefit Organization


We are a locally based NPO formed to respond to the need and address the crime and poverty issues in South Africa, by serving and assisting the disadvantaged in Gauteng.

Revive is a CIPC registered NPO since 2017, it is governed by a Board and is an approved PBO with Section 19A Status with SARS. Revive is legally bound by its constitution. The management and volunteers are both passionate about serving and helping the poor and disadvantaged.


Revives key focus is journeying alongside and assisting the poor and disadvantaged including parolees and ex-offenders with their reintegration and rehabilitation, therefore doing everything possible to prevent them from re-offending, in so doing, bringing down the crime and re-offending rate.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lock-down mandate initiated in 2020 we have adopted a second focus with our attention turned to those who have been affected by this tragedy, the unemployed and displaced families and individuals in our community and surrounding areas. in this regard we have initiated a food outreach program that allows us to provide over 2000 meals a week to the community, thanks to the generosity of various organizations and establishments which supply us with quality food an perishable goods on a regular basis.

Our Parolee &

About Our Program

This program was initiated in 2017, born out of the passion and concern of keeping our nation safe and eliminating the crime rate by reducing the rate of re-offenders going back to a life of crime.

We do this by walking alongside Parolees and ex-offenders in their journey of rehabilitation and reintegration back into society.

We provide focus and support groups on the matter to provide members with a safe and reliable support structure.

We also provide 'small business' development courses and skill training, allowing our members to become functioning and contributing members of society, once again.

If you would like further information on this program, kindly visit our 'contact us' section and tell us what more you would like to know. We would be glad to answer any query.

Training & Skills Development  

About Our Program

With over ten years of experience of doing ministry work within correctional centers around Gauteng, David now offers a training session for any individual or group of people who feel led to minister to offenders as well as to ex-offenders.

Courses/  Workshops Offered:

a) How to Start a Ministry of Hope for Offenders? 

This is a four hour session for those who wish to start a ministry for offenders in a local Correctional Center.. This workshop covers the following: 

- A Biblical mandate for ministry to offenders. 
- 10 stages of how to start a ministry to offenders 
- Correctional Centre Environment

- Group Work 24

- Ministering to offender’s families 26
- Restorative Justice


b) How To Start a Pen Pal Ministry to Offenders:


Some people feel led to minister to offenders but feel more comfortable to minister to offenders through writing of letters.- being a pen pal. This course takes one through how to write to offenders with all the "safeguards" in place. This is a 4 hour workshop. 


c) How to start and manage a Support Group For Parolees


A support group is a safe place where parolees can meet with one another as a group of around 12 to 15 people within their community. They spend no more than 2 hours together.

Within this time the three pillars of Revive NPO are addressed - Redemption - Reintegration & Restitution.



Spiritual care, which includes prayer , a devotion or bible study or Christian based  moral courses



 - Here we look at creating opportunities for upskilling the parolees through small business programs and skills development initiatives. 

 - There is peer counseling and mentorship opportunities. 




- Restitution is about giving back to one's community and society as a whole. This is done through community outreach projects -

Like community cleaning up projects. 

- Revive NPO works hand in hand with the local DCS Social Reintegration Offices with regards to the outreach projects.

Our Food Outreach

About Our Program

Our food outreach program was initiated in 2020, as a response to the mass unemployment rate, resulting in displaced families and even driving many to homelessness.
It is with this in mind that we begun our journey to seek out those who are in desperate situations to provide some relief through food hampers.
Now, in the present we collect and distribute over 500Kgs of quality food, weekly. This has been made possible by the generosity of various food donors such as Woolworths, Food Forward & "The pantry" in Rosebank.
Although we manage supply various people from all walks of life with over 400 meals a week, the need for more assistance remains.
So we strive to grow and expand so that we may further impact the lives of the underprivileged and the disadvantaged for the better, in hopes that it will spark a sustainable change.

If you would like further information on this program, kindly visit our 'contact us' section and tell us what more you would like to know.
We would be glad to answer any query.

Key People

Where Passion and Dedication Meet


David Heritage

Founder & Director

An invaluable part of the revive initiative staff and leadership, David Heritage has developed the continued evolution of our programs from the start. With extensive experience in both the non-profit and private sectors, David Heritage offers a unique skill-set that ensures undeniable impact.

David  has the passion and drive to journey alongside and assist in restoring a 'healed humanity' within ex-offenders while providing them with work skills, assisting in restitution and the reintegration of parolees into their families and society, addressing the re-offending rate in South Africa.

David Heritage has over  10 years of experience of working with parolees, the disadvantaged and the poor. he holds a post graduate degree  in Theology Specialization in Community Development. he has worked in and led two church outreach departments from 2010-2019. he now dedicates his full time and effort to Revive initiatives.

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